While browsing through a shop, I came across a girl wearing a pair of boots that I knew from a copybot evidence picture.  After checking to confirm what they were, I sent an IM to the person wearing them, and this conversation ensued:
[16:28]  Arwyn Quandry: Hey, where’d you get your boots from?
[16:28]  Bootgirl: There cb’d/
[16:28]  Bootgirl: .*
[16:29]  Arwyn Quandry: Mhm, I noticed.  That’s why I asked
[16:29]  Arwyn Quandry: Did you bot them yourself?
[16:29]  Bootgirl: No.
[16:29]  Bootgirl: I dont wanna get in any sorts of trouble,thats why i dont cb ;].
[16:30]  Arwyn Quandry: Though, why wear cb’d stuff?  Isn’t that kind of promoting illegal activity and giving MG creators the finger?
[16:30]  Bootgirl: Oh
[16:30]  Bootgirl: Idk
[16:30]  Bootgirl: I dont rele care ^_^

This is the kind of attitude that’s allowed copybotting to become so pervasive, this attitude of, “Oh, it’s not my problem”.  If you know something is copybotted, why wear it?  I refuse to buy things from known or even suspected copybotters, no matter how much I like their work.  If I learn that something in my inventory is botted, I won’t wear it.  I refuse to promote this culture of permissiveness, this, “Oh, they’re not over here, it’s not an issue” feeling.  If you know it’s botted, don’t use it!