Life is full of trolls. When they ruin your day, you’ve made theirs.


So how are we to deal with these pests of society?

The incentive of trolls is the key to the equation. The answer is extremely simple: “for teh lulz.” Trolls get their kicks and giggles from seeing people irritated, enraged, confused and upset. The victory is in knowing that you’ve successfully trolled someone so hard, they’ve gone over the edge.

Teen Second Life has a gratuitious amount of trolls. Most of them harass newbies and Lindens in-world with pointless rants on anything from burgers to white supremacy. Furries are a special target for trolls, as well. Keep a cool head and remember that becoming upset will only mean, as a /b/tard troll would put it, “You lost the game.”

And at the end of the day, solace in the fact that internet trolls are the people who have been trolled in real life.