This week, I received news that TG Resident Kaika Alter will be turning 18 and transferring to the Main Grid in April. A good friend of mine, Kaika has nearly three years of experience on Second Life under his belt. I’m always curious about people’s take on their past in Second Life, so I took the opportunity to interview Kaika about his time on the Teen Grid and plans for the Main Grid.

Vaughan Vendetta: When did you learn of Second Life?

Kaika Alter: I learned of Second Life from a friend in school. He told me that there was a very fun game were you could build anything, and meet people from all over the world. I googled the website and joined back in August of ’07.

VV: Did you register on the Teen Grid?

KA: Yes, I did.

VV: What are your feelings about transferring to the Main Grid? Any apprehension?

KA: I’m excited to see what the MG will hold in store for me, but I am also sad to leave the TG, along with many friends I have gained through-out these years.

VV: Do you know anyone on the Main Grid?

KA: Currently, I know only those whom I’ve met in TG and have also transferred there. Once I’m in the MG, I’ll go and catch up on what I’ve missed with them, from however long it’s been since last we’ve talked.

VV: Haha. Well, it’s good that you won’t be entirely alone.

VV: So, what do you like best about the Teen Grid, and what could use improvement?

KA: What I love about the Teen Grid is all hospitality in it, with most of the members having a grand time in here. If I were to change something things, I would do only minor things, because the warmth it already has is more than great for anyone who wants to be here.

VV: All right. Well, we wish you the best on the Main Grid.

KA: Thank you. I will surely miss the Teen Grid and everyone in it. 🙂

Teens transferring from the Teen Grid to the Main Grid is not a frequent occurrence, but when someone’s time come to transfers, you’ll most likely hear about it. The benefit of TSL’s small population is the resulting tight-knit community.

A few well-known TG names have transferred recently, including blogger Daniel Voyager and scripter Ryan Dayton, and quite a few more will join them later this year, including blogger Arwyn Quandry, businessman FoXxfire12 Thatcher, clothing designers Wicked Loudon and Anna Normady, and furniture designer Brooke Barmy, to name a few.

Are you transferring to the Main Grid soon? We’d love to hear your story. E-mail us at!