April 2009

Since the Teen Grid’s creation and just about since the time Ralph Schnook was a wee SL toddler, there have been clear examples of attempts at Teen Grid movements and groups fighting for a cause,  the fight for legalization of gambling after the grid’s creation, the inter-grid commerce movement, and the grid merge group all examples of such groups.
These groups have been surprisingly ineffective as opposed to the successful revolutions of early Second Life in the time frame of 2003 against the ‘prim taxes’. These ‘revolutionaries’ had more aggressive action, making them more effective and noticed by Linden Labs.

But how do we act as a Teen Grid, a secondary grid as seen by many, something that won’t be noticed no matter how aggressive we act within our own borders? That, Teen Grid, is the right question, and that is what we should be asking ourselves when we create these groups that we may or may not stick with.chesl


Greetings! I’ve set up a Plurk and Twitter account for posting new updates and photos from the Cross-Grid Copybotted Content Flickr Group.

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Linden Lab recently deleted the resident-owned sim Def, in light of the permanant suspension of owner Livi Beebe due to dual-accounting on the Main Grid. Beebe, who was a controversial figure under heavy suspicion of content theft, managed the sim as home to her store, also named Def, as well as a rental sim to numerous other stores and businesses.

Hunter Trommler, owner of popular rental sim Haven, which had been rented at a monthly rate to Sin Kovacs, reclaimed the sim and  renamed it to Ecbatana. His plans for Ecbatana remain undisclosed.

Zombie Pye, long-time owner of Tierheim, has decided to sell the former home to FurNation TG at a negotiable price. Pye had been a highly popular avatar designer and weaponsmith until his account was hacked and a majority of his furry avatars were opensourced at full permissions. Pye says he plans to leave Second Life for good. FurNation TG has since moved to Zybez Atlas’ sim, Aegis.

Linden Lab announced earlier this week that the First Annual Resident Choice Awards was opened to resident voting on 35 categories, which include, “Favorite nom-nom-y Prim Food Artist” and “Favorite creepy place to be a Goth”, among others.

Head to the here and vote for your favorites!