Since the Teen Grid’s creation and just about since the time Ralph Schnook was a wee SL toddler, there have been clear examples of attempts at Teen Grid movements and groups fighting for a cause,  the fight for legalization of gambling after the grid’s creation, the inter-grid commerce movement, and the grid merge group all examples of such groups.
These groups have been surprisingly ineffective as opposed to the successful revolutions of early Second Life in the time frame of 2003 against the ‘prim taxes’. These ‘revolutionaries’ had more aggressive action, making them more effective and noticed by Linden Labs.

But how do we act as a Teen Grid, a secondary grid as seen by many, something that won’t be noticed no matter how aggressive we act within our own borders? That, Teen Grid, is the right question, and that is what we should be asking ourselves when we create these groups that we may or may not stick with.chesl