Welcome to the TGAC Blog. The Teen Grid Action Committee was started in hopes of accomplishing a goal of a betterment for Linden Lab’s Teen Second Life.

The Committee itself is comprised of members on the Teen Grid who play large roles in the community and economy.

This blog will be an inter-grid blog open to all who wish to post, comment, or discuss.

As it stands, the TG is a dying Grid that is quickly losing hope. It is plagued with copybotting, signup issues, griefers and trolls. The TG Forums are also little more than a few ill-intented posters and unsuspecting newcomers. To add insult to injury, Linden Lab has severed almost all connection and support with TSL. The closing of the TG Forums’ Linden Answers section, the closing of the Mentor’s group, and the relinquishment of Blue Linden’s job as official Linden to the Teen Grid have all spelled out one thing: LL can not be looked to for support or saving.

This is why we realize that the key to a better future for the TG lies in its residents. We must take the initiative and be the ones taking action.

Many adults on the Main Grid may not realize how the Teen Grid affects them, and conversely, how the Main Grid affects the Teen Grid. Every day, legitimate products from the MG are ripped and distributed over Teen Second Life, full-perm and unchecked. This not only hurts MG business, but it hurts TG business as well. We plan to open a forum in which we can discuss and pinpoint copybotted material to report en masse after careful examination and scrutiny.

For now, this is an enthusiastic project with high hopes and high potential. Any support is welcome. We will be starting up soon; you can help by spreading the word and spreading awareness.

Thank you!

— The Committee.


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