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It’s been just nearly two weeks since the Cross-Grid Copybotted Content Flickr Group was opened, and in that small time span, a growing list of successful accomplishments have sprung up.

– Main Grid Resident Tonk Tomcat identified his TonkTastic respirator, and sent an E-mail to the support team for removal.

– Main Grid Resident Elysium Eilde helped identify this Malinger Chair from Rustica Medieval and Castle Furniture, and it was removed from a freebie bazaar on the Teen Grid.

– Main Grid Resident Nimil Blackflag identified this Gritty Kitty hair by Noam Sprocket, who subsequently filed a removal ticket, with the help of the TGAC.

– Teen Grid Residents and TGAC members Arwyn Quandry and Vaughan Vendetta contacted Armidi after identifying several Armidi items, including boots and handbags.

These given, there is still a large amount of copybotted material that needs to be dealt with. This hair and hat, this mask, and this messenger bag are a few examples of “John Doe” items with no confirmed identification. We’re also on the lookout for anyone that recognizes these unconfirmed goggles and gas mask.

If you want to help out, new Spotters are welcome! Join the group at:

— The Committee.

To keep track of all the content that’s being photographed and is suspected or confirmed as being copybotted, I’ve created a Flickr group.  This group is open to anyone to join and view.  My aim is to be able to use this to show what we think might be copybotted so it can be confirmed, and the original creator can be alerted.  If you know who made the original content in a picture, are the maker of it, or can get in touch with them, please comment on the picture.

Cross-Grid Copybotted Content