Linden Lab recently deleted the resident-owned sim Def, in light of the permanant suspension of owner Livi Beebe due to dual-accounting on the Main Grid. Beebe, who was a controversial figure under heavy suspicion of content theft, managed the sim as home to her store, also named Def, as well as a rental sim to numerous other stores and businesses.

Hunter Trommler, owner of popular rental sim Haven, which had been rented at a monthly rate to Sin Kovacs, reclaimed the sim and  renamed it to Ecbatana. His plans for Ecbatana remain undisclosed.

Zombie Pye, long-time owner of Tierheim, has decided to sell the former home to FurNation TG at a negotiable price. Pye had been a highly popular avatar designer and weaponsmith until his account was hacked and a majority of his furry avatars were opensourced at full permissions. Pye says he plans to leave Second Life for good. FurNation TG has since moved to Zybez Atlas’ sim, Aegis.